Our vision

Empower millions of people to connect from anywhere at anytime.

Our mission

We commit to provide creative solutions connecting people and devices, friends and family, and businesses of any size.

We strive to offer digital and touch screen solutions to research facilities and leading universities and transform research facilities of leading universities into responsive and smart workplaces.

Our Origin

Our origins date back to about 2006 with the development of the AC Laboratory System (ACLS) for UNSW Sydney Electron Microscope Unit. Led by Mr Dong Zheng and team, it allowed the highest profile nanotechnology research laboratories in Australia to streamline their operations, maintenance and reporting, so they can focus on what was important, their cutting edge research.

Our Story

Its success saw ACLS adopted throughout UNSW, initially in other laboratories in UNSW’s Mark Wainwright Analytical centre (MWAC), before most other shared research facilities at UNSW including:

From 2008, ACLS was released beyond UNSW to many other universities around Australia and Internationally.

With an ever expanding user base, UniLab was established in 2016 as the spin-out company into which ACLS would transition from UNSW. Taking its first investment in 2018, development Moxy, collaboration tools designed by the elite collaborative scientific research community that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

All of UniLab’s products have been and will continue to evolve with the demands of both elite scientific research teams and the stringent security requirements of their laboratories.