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UniLab is a spin-off for the successful AC Lab System developed by UNSW (University of New South Wales). Over years, AC Lab System has proven itself on the market to provide the solutions to many university research labs.

UniLab develops, implements and provides support for a resource management system for laboratories, laboratory networks and universities. UniLab aims to be the leading provider of institution-wide laboratory management software and data sensing solutions.

UniLab proudly participated in the 19th International Microscopy Congress (IMC19) held in Sydney. Moxy (Labcast) was set up to demonstrate at IMC19 UNSW site in the following photo gallery.


AC Lab System strong track records demonstrate the values to the customers.  UniLab aims to build the leading global company to provide the innovative solutions to the research labs on campus. We are uniquely able to be your single-source provider across a range of solutions and price points to meet the wide range demands of the digital campus.

We work with world-class organisations across a spectrum of industries to execute all types of studies, from single sign in portal to the usage trackers, from machine learning to the Corea analytics, from LDAP to AAF authentication, from single node solution to enterprise solutions, from point-to-point data capture to metadata agents, and from local data reporting to the NCRIS reporting and central reporting. We deliver the benefits of this expertise to you through our products, services and people to help you make better decision and achieve better results.

Our Advisory Board

Our Team

Sunny Zhu and Charles Zhou are appointed as investment directors to lead UniLab future fund raising. Both directors bring in their in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise of finance industry and fund management to UniLab.

Our Commitments


As a spin-off, we are working on UniLabSystem – the future generation of AC Lab System for institutional deployment. UniLabReporting – Centralised Reporting SaaS is under development, and AC Lab System is available to the customers.

UniLab systems are AAF and NCRIS READY

AAF stands for Australian Access Federation, and NCRIS stands for National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Polished, dynamic and instant
  • Machine learning approach
  • Cloud performance and experimental data access
  • Various API for enterprise systems integration

Get Hands On With AC Lab System

AAF Ready Demo is available online



LabSensing Team

December 7th, 2018|

UniLab launched the LabSensing development to meet research equipment usage capture, safety guard and data tunnel integrated with the blockchain technology. The team is led [...]

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